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Hi, my name is Wayne Blackshear and I think of myself as a problem solver. I am a software engineer by trade and am obsessed with health and nutrition.


I am a certified Keto and Carnivore coach that specializes in using nutrition to combat the modern world's relentless drain on your health. I think that most modern ailments are a result of poor diet and lifestyle over time.

I have spent the past decade studying and implementing all sorts of dietary interventions in an effort to thwart my own autoimmune issues. Along the way I have picked up on many things that have greatly moved the needle, and nuanced things that are not commonly advised by healthcare and nutrition practitioners.

By taking an engineering approach to nutrition and health, I have pieced together a version of nutrition in a frame work that boils down to only consuming food that is compatible with human beings. Everything is on a scale of good-better-best, and the more best you incorporate the better health outcome you will experience.

Removing un-natural food from you diet, will get you out of the way of your body's natural ability to heal and take care of itself.

I understand that most people think that when they have disease, they can't do anything about it. I beg the questions:

  • What will happen if you get all of the toxic foods you eat on a daily basis out of your body?

  • What happens if you get out of the way of your body's natural ability to heal itself?

I want to help you regain your health. It is a journey, not a race; every small step you take today will lead to better health tomorrow.


At Nutrition with Wayne, I am committed to transforming lives through personalized nutrition coaching and online training. My mission is to help individuals reclaim their health and vitality by addressing the unique challenges of less-than-adequate dietary styles.

I believe in the power of food as medicine and am dedicated to creating customized, practical, and enjoyable nutrition recommendations that empower people to thrive.

With a focus on sustainable lifestyle changes, and insight into to the “why” behind it, I provide compassionate support and expert guidance to ensure every client can live their healthiest, happiest life. Together, we navigate the journey to wellness, one meal and insight at a time.

Let’s Work Together

If you would like to work to me, get in touch below.

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